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I am currently taking commissions for projects. I specialize in music-related design, such as album covers, gig posters, band logos, etc. However, I would love to expand into almost anything that involves design, video-related arts, sculptural installations, etc. I believe that with enough communication and support, I can create a beautiful and professional outcome. 

As a way to keep both me and my clients on the same page, I encourage communication of all and any expectations, including subject matter, style, eventual usage, and budget. In return, I write a commission contract so that both parties are aware of each other's expectations. My contract template can be found here

While I am prepared and excited to take on new projects, potential clients should know that I appreciate straightforward communication, the creative liberty to express my personal art style while still keeping client's needs at the forefront, and that pricing of my work ranges anywhere from $100-500+ depending on the project. 

If you believe that I would be a good fit to execute your project, please email me at . I look forward from hearing from you and hope to create something amazing together!

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