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Hi there! My name is Zoe, I'm a graphic designer and video artist based out of Fort Collins, CO. 

As a lover of art and music, I specialize in band merchandise and branding as well as music videos and live video synthesis for concerts.  I am interested in how the intersection of art and music comes together to create a visceral experience and community engagement for its viewers.


I take inspiration from art movements such as art nouveau, surrealism, folk art, op art, and many others to create my artistic lexicon. While my inspirations are centuries old, I strive to keep my work feeling contemporary and fresh through a high-contrast graphic style. It’s important to me to pay homage to the long and beautiful history of design, as I feel a connection to its humanity and decorative elements.

My design methodology starts with the concept, where I first research to understand my aesthetic goals and historical references. I then consider the necessary steps to take for the final product, particularly the dimensions needed for web or print, the necessary information, and the compositional hierarchy. Throughout the design process, I keep an intuitive workflow while paying close attention to color theory, composition, and cohesive typography. When working with clients, I make sure to keep them involved throughout the process so that everyone is heard and on the same page. The last steps of fine-tuning, printing, and sending the work off are my favorite, as I get to see the final outcome and its eventual real-life applications. 

My graphic design practice is guided by the intersection of art and music and modernizing vintage design movements. My methodology consists of intentional and well-researched decisions, informed by conversations with clients and my personal design sensibilities. 

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